The Court Process

Sometimes it is necessary to go to court to resolve issues arising from a marriage or relationship breakdown. 

Those issues might be of a financial nature, or related to your children but the court process can be a daunting and confusing one if you do not have the best possible advice and representation.  We have been representing clients in court, highly effectively, for many years and have established an enviable reputation for the quality of our preparation for and conduct of court hearings.  Where required, we instruct some of the finest barristers in the country to appear on behalf of our clients, although our lawyers also have considerable experience of conducting court hearings in appropriate cases.  

We recognise that some clients either wish to represent themselves at court, or are unable to afford the cost of representation.  We regularly assist those clients in preparing documents for court or in using our expertise to guide them through the court process. 

Our aim is always to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients through this difficult process.



"Our mediator was perfect for our particular circumstance because she remained completely impartial, managed to keep my ex partner focussed on one issue at a time and gain an agreement before moving onto the next issue. Something I've never managed to achieve on my own!"