Frequently Asked Questions

What is Options?
Options is a new scheme where we offer a free half hour discussion with you to talk through the various ways of resolving your particular issue.  We will help you decide which route is best for you and your particular circumstances and then guide you through that process as swiftly and supportively as possible.

What do I need to bring to the meeting?
You do not need to bring any documents to the meeting, but it will help our team if you can supply details about the particular issue which you are seeking to resolve when attending your appointment.  If you go on to use our family mediation service, or instruct us to give you legal advice, we will need further details from you, and will explain what is required at that stage.

Will I get legal advice or be able to mediate at the Options meeting?
We will not provide legal advice to you at the meeting, or commence the mediation process, unless you instruct us to do so.  If so, we will explain our charges for carrying out those services and, in the case of family mediation, will discuss the availability of legal aid.

How long will the meeting last?
Your Options meeting will be for thirty minutes.  If, at the conclusion of the meeting, you decide you would like legal advice or to be assessed for family mediation, we will usually be able to extend the meeting to deal with those matters for you.

How much will an Options meeting cost?
The Options appointment is free.  If you wish to instruct us for legal advice or to mediate for you, we will explain our charges before commencing any work on your behalf.

How do I make an appointment?
Call one of our Options team on 01482 601346 or e-mail .

Where are the meetings held?

At our offices at Marina Court, Castle Street, Hull, HU1 1TJ.  Directions are available here

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