Collaborative Law

The collaborative process is an alternative way to resolve family disputes including financial issues and matters relating to your children.

It is a process that allows you and your former partner to reach shared solutions and agreements away from the Court, giving you more control of the situation. You, your former partner and your solicitors will meet together and work through the issues face to face. The aim is to reach the best solutions for you and your family. For those who wish to have their own lawyers helping them in discussions and negotiations, the collaborative process can be very effective and, provided an agreement is reached, your collaborative lawyer can act for you in the divorce and prepare the Court papers required to give effect to what you have agreed regarding financial matters.

We have a team of collaborative family lawyers who are experienced in conducting negotiations through this process and we regularly work with other local collaborative lawyers in helping couples to reach the best outcomes for them and their family. 

"Our mediator was perfect for our particular circumstance because she remained completely impartial, managed to keep my ex partner focussed on one issue at a time and gain an agreement before moving onto the next issue. Something I've never managed to achieve on my own!"