Children Matter

If you are separating, ensuring the welfare of any children will be a priority. This might include any adopted children or step-children who are part of your family.

Our team of experts are on hand to guide you in agreeing where your children will live, how the care of them will be shared between you and your former partner and the financial arrangements for the children.

As far as possible, we encourage and assist people to agree arrangements for their children with one another. Mediation can also be an extremely helpful process for parents who find it difficult to talk to one another about their children. In a small number of cases, it may be necessary to go to court about your children. We have considerable experience and an excellent reputation in conducting court proceedings, whether they relate to residence (where your children live), contact (what time they spend with you or your former partner), specific issues (such as their name or where they are educated) or a desire to move out of the area or even the country with the children.

We not only have an excellent working knowledge of the child support formula and regulations, but are also experienced in dealing with challenges to child support assessments, including appeals against decisions of the Child Support Agency.

"The team is experienced in mediation and collaborative proceedings and the constructive and supportive lawyers are praised for their good negotiating skills."